Trusted Publisher Not Being Displayed For Removal



I have a java applet as part of my web application. I inadvertantly
selected the "Always trust content from this publisher" checkbox and
now I cannot seem to undo that selection. I've seen numerous posts
where I should be able to do this by going to Tools -> Internet Options
-> Conten -> Publishers in Internet Explorer to remove that publisher.
However, the publisher is not in this list of trusted publishers. In
fact, there are no publishers listed as trusted publishers at all.

Is there another way of undoing this selection?
Mar 18, 2011
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Try to remove the certificate for that Trusted publisher as below...

STEP1: Windows Start>>Setting >> Control Panel
STEP2: Double click Java icon
STEP3: Then Goto security-tab>>click certificate >> Click "User" tab >> Highlight the certificate you want to remove >> click Remove Button.

If the applet is cached you need to remove the applet from 2 locations,
LOCATION A : Go to IE browser and clear the history
LOCATION B : Go to Control Panel>>click Java Icon >> General-tab>> Click Setting button >> remove the applet

Then when the applet is downloaded next time , you will see the pop-up you desire.

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