Add Printer Wizard Does Not Work



Add Printer Wizard Does Not Work and Previously Installed
Printers Are Lost.

Found article in KB but does not say much.

Some application has created this issue by replacing a
DLL, but which one?

Any ideas?




Antonis Tomadakis

It took me a while but I figured it out.

The Lantastic client (don't ask...) installed its own
printui.dll in the windows\system32 directory. It was
there even after I removed the Lantastic client.

Renamed printui.dll to "printui.dll bad" and then
renamed "mprintui.dll" which is the original microsoft
file "printui.dll.

It is all better now....

Antonis Tomadakis
SysAdmin, Inc.




looking for a missing dll as well... HPOpm108.dll for hp
psc 500 upgrade to 2000, scanner doesn't commnicate and
now i can only copy. can't seem to find this dll that its
asking for while message found new hardware. i uninstalled
everything and unplugged the unit. updated windows 2000
patches etc..., checked my bios to set ecp parallel
port,downloaded new update for hp psc 2000, then plugged
in the unit, restarted, and then is finding new hardware
and tell me which dll is missing, i search and no find. dee

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