AD,Group Policy & Login Script issue




We have our main forest which is Windows 2000 Server. The Schema Owner,
Domain Role Owner and Infrastructure Master are sitting on Windows 2000
Server domain controllers. We also have 2 domain controllers which are
Windows Server 2003 SP1 and one of this Win2K3 box has the RID Master and
PDC Emulator.

Our remote sites domain controllers have been recently migrated to Windows
Server 2003 SP1 from Windows 2000 servers. The workstations which are a mix
of Windows 2000 and Windows XP SP2 .


The login script which actually maps all the users network drives is having
an issue where some users get their drive mappings and some users do not get
their drive mappings. This can be a Home directory which might be on the
local file server (which is also a DC, DNS, DHCP server) or the mappings
that they should get from other servers in other remote sites.

First we checked with replication which might cause this problem, Microsoft
Support fixed that issue. Now the replication is working fine and the group
policy is being replicated to all the domain controllers. But, we see that
still there are inconsistencies that is going on in getting the drive
mappings and this is sporadic. For example, today one user will have the
drive mappings, and tomorrow he will not. Or it might be that one user might
not get his network drive mappings which are supposed to executing from the
loginscript through group policy.

The login script is a .vbs script, that is being placed in a User
Configuration\Windows Settings\ Logon group policy.

Fixes Done:
One of our servers were in D2 state, so Microsoft Tech support fixed that

Research Done:
I even found out some information in regard to 2000, XP boxes and group
policy having problems in executing. We have not done the changes yet on the
registry to make sure we could test it from the workstation. Here is the
information below, which might be of help to others who are facing similar
issues based on the information provided in this KB.;en-us;840669

Any ideas from the Guru's of Windows Server 2003 or Group Policy or AD. I
thank you in advance if you have an answer. I am working with Microsoft in
getting this issue resolved but I thought, there might be someone who would
have answers or has had gone through similar issue after a migration.




Hi Felix,

It is a possibility that do you have some subnets that are not associated to
the correct site?

You are on DCs upgrade process, so make sure that
“%systemroot%\windows\sysvol\%domainname%\{GPO_GUID}\User\Scripts\Logon\a.vbs†exists on all off your DCs.


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