OU-based Group Policy not applying when logging onto Terminal Serv



I'm trying to get a logon script to run via Group Policy on an OU on Terminal
Services. When I configure the Policy in AD and log in to my XP SP2 machine,
the script runs (maps drives). However, when I log onto Terminal Services
(Metaframe XPe running on Windows 2000 servers), the Policy does not get
applied and the script does not run. I can set the policy at other levels
(domain or the user config section of our server Policy) and it applies fine,
running the script and mapping the drives. When I used GPResult after
logging onto TS, the Policy does not even show up, as if TS is not seeing it.
(When I set the logon script as part of the Default Domain Policy, it showed
up in GPResult). The DCs are Windows 2003 servers. The only configuation I
can't get to work is policy at the OU level and have it apply when logging
onto Terminal Services as a user in the OU. The only Policy setting I found
that should have affected the Policy was a user loopback on our server
Policy, but even when I removed that the OU-based Policy did not run (and
with the loopback enabled, the Policy ran when set at the Domain level). The
script itself runs fine when set on the user object itself or launched
manually. The problem is the Policy does not seem to get processed when set
at the OU level for a user logging onto Terminal Services (it worked fine
when I logged onto a Win XP machine on the domain). Thanks for your help.


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