Windows XP Ad-Aware 2007 Tray Icon

Jan 17, 2007
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So, I have the free version of adaware 2007 that recently came out for win2k, win XP, and Vista (32 bit). I recently updated like I do almost daily, and now I have a new tray Icon courtesy of Lavasoft's AdAware 2007.

The only thing it apears to allow me to do is abort a scan. I am wondering if anyone has tried preventing it from starting up with windows using windows defender. I might just try it myself since there doesn't seem to be much info about it online and it seems most people are confusing the adaware service (which I want to keep) with the adaware tray icon (which I dont need). I think this will have to wait untill more people update AdAware 2007 to get more attention.

Overall I am very dissappointed in LavaSoft right now and am considering uninstalling AdAware entirely since i recently started using A^2Squared Anti-Spyware free and it has proven to be a pretty valuable program. The only gripe i have is that it seems slow.

Even if I uninstall AdAware it would still leave me with AVG 7.5, AVG AS Free, AVG Anti-rootkit (which is somewhat useless IMO), A^2Squared Free, Spybot S&D and Windows Defender, all of which have done well at keeping my pc clean.

I want to know what other people think and if anyone recomends sticking to AdAware 2007 or ditching it since A^2Squared seems to be as good or better.


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