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I apologize if this question doesnt belong to these

When I installed Exchange 2000, Active Directory for Users
and Computers is also installed. When I open Active
Directory, and browse Computers, it is showing me all the
Computer Objects in the network. However, when I open
Active Directory on my Domain Controller and browse
Computers, there is nothing on the list, but I can do a
Search. Any idea how can i replicate the list of all the
Computers from Mmy Exchange Active Directory to my Domain
Controller's Active Directory?...Thanks in advance!

Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


When you install Exchange 2000 in a WIN2000 Active Directory Domain one of
the things that is 'installed' is the ADUC. You will notice this in the
Start | Program Files | Microsoft Exchange. You should be able to open up
both ADUCs (the one from the Exchange Installation as well as the
'original' ) without issue. I do in several environment that I help to

Just thinking outloud here - have you checked the permissions? With what
account are you doing this?



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