Is it Domain Controller Replication problem?



Dear All,

I have 3 Domain Controller A (1st DC, operation master 5 roles); B, C.
(A, C are GCs). A, C are on SP4, B is on SP3

I just happened today that while on Exchange Server to create new account
(the Active
Directory appearing to connect to C), the user account is created and
updated across other
A, C, mailbox is created.

However the email address is not updated for new user specially email
address field is empty while using Active Directory User & Computer to
connect to C. I checked on A, B the email address of this new user by
connecting Active Directory User & Computer to those DC, and
the email address is updated correctly.

On my Outlook, I checked the Global Address List there is no new user
created listing (the
exchange server probably using GC on C so the GAL does not have the new user

But if I wait for a while (until Exchange server connecting to A), I can see
the GAL has
the new user in listing.

It has been for 5 hours already sine I created the new user, but it is not
updated on C domain

I force the replication, sync etc..but it does not help. It just happens
today, I do not notice
whether the replication of active directory might have the problem before,
but we do not have
this problem at all for 4 years running Windows 2000 AD, Exchange.

Any one idea? please help




Joe Richards [MVP]

Is replication working or not? It is a yes or no question. Look at the output
from repadmin /showreps or replmon.

Joe Richards Microsoft MVP Windows Server Directory Services
Author of O'Reilly Active Directory Third Edition

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Could you give more information about config?

Were is running Exchange ? Server A,B,C?
Are all servers in same site?
Did you uncheck Cache Mode on Outlook Client, and then try to see if the
E-mail address appears?
Do you have any security restrictions to GAL regarding to the Outlook client
were did you tryed to see the new e-mail?
Are all servers in same domain?
Did you try to manually force the update on recipient update service on
exchange server?
Are you hiding the new address from the GAL (check Exchange advance tab on
user properties on ADUC)

Best Regards
Systems Administrator
MCSA + Exchange




Hi there,

it is very simple, single domain, single site (3 DC), no children domain, no
restriction, special
security setting at all. Server A, B, C are domain controller. Server D, E
are exchange servers.

DC C is also file server, the network bandwidth utilizing very high at any
given time, I'm
afraid this might have been the issue.

Whenever creating exchange user (which Active Directory User, Computer
connecting to
either A, B), the updates, RUS stamping very fast and updates appearing
right away, but the
updates will be slow to be happened on C


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