Activating Outlook 2010



I have a copy of Office 2010 which was supplied through work. It's some
promotional thing. We downloaded an installation file from MS and paid a small
fee to get the registration code.

Globally the corporation is moving to Office 2010 and Windows 7. So, I think
that this is a way to get us familiar with the products that we'll be expected
to use at work.

Anyway, I installed it on one laptop. Yesterday I got another one. When it came
to activating the software, I chose "over the internet". However, after it
connected it returned a message saying that the number of licences allowed has
been reached.

Thing is, I uninstalled it off of the first laptop.

I would've thought that the uninstall process would also entail it contacting
the MS servers to notify it of the uninstall.

The other option is for me to call MS to get it activated over the phone.

The message also told me that I could see how many licences that I've been
granted but despite it saying to go to help and search for licensing terms there
is nothing in it that I could find to tell me how many copies that I can

So, if anyone's familiar with this process, some guidance would be appreciated.
I'll call MS when I'm able but in the meantime if anyone has an answer,
particularly on where I can find the number of licences that I'm entitled to,
that'd be great.


Nov 17, 2010
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Uninstalling Outlook will not notify Microsoft, adding another user license to you. You will need to contact Microsoft and tell them you would like to transfer a license or that you removed it from one computer and would like to load it on another.

I hope this helps.

Happily with for Hosted Exchange.

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