Cannot schedule Out of Office in Outlook 2010



We have a client who recently installed Outlook 2010 (Office Professional) on 4 of their 6 workstations. Previously they were on 2003. The clients whohave upgraded to 2010 can set an Automatic Reply but they do not have the option to schedule it, they can only manually turn it on and off. When theywere running 2003, and those who still are, had the option to schedule theOut of Office to be enabled for a schedule time and date range. The serveris running Exchange 2003. Everything I have found so far in my searching has dealt with Out of Office not running. Theirs is running it just doesn't give them the option to schedule.

On my Outlook 2010 when I go under Automatic Replies I have the options; "Do not send automatic replies" or "Send automatic replies" with the option to "only send during this time range."

When I open Automatic Replies on our client's Outlook they have "I am currently in the office" or "I am currently Out of the office" with the ability to enter their text.

How do I enable them to be able to schedule their Out of Office?

These are Exchange accounts, not POP or IMAP accounts.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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