Accessing BCM on server with Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 (mixed?)

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We were hosting the BCM database on a remote server with users
accessing via Outlook 2003 - no problem. Recently, I got a new laptop
pre-installed with Outlook 2007. Now I am unable to connect to this
database. The other users (with Outlook 2003) have problem.

I know the database would have to be updated to 2007 for me to start
using it. Question is: will this prevent the Outlook 2003 users from
accessing it?

Is there a solution to the mixed environment request? I could
downgrade to Office 2003 I suppose - but it would be nice if BCM could
be accessed in multiple versions.


(e-mail address removed)

Raul Thomas

Here are the support scenarios when accessing a shared database

BCM 2003 (server )<->BCM 2003 (client) and BCM 2007 (server / hosted)<->BCM
2007 (client)

The other combinations don't work

Rahul Thomas [MSFT]

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