Accessing BCM 2003 database remotely with Outlook 2007



This is now very frustrating. We had installed the BCM database on a remote
machine and were able to access it from Outlook 2003 with no problems.

Recently, I got a new laptop running Outlook 2007 - and now I get the
inevitable 'cannot access database on server' message.

Perhaps the database needs to be upgraded to 2007 - if so, will the other
machines with Outlook 2003 still be able to read it? Or are they all doomed
to needing the 2007 upgrade - which may not be possible for several internal

I appreciate any suggestions on this topic!



Nigel Ainscoe

BCM2003 and BCM2007 have different database structures so it's a case of
never the twain shall meet.

If you cannot get everyone upgraded, then you might consider downgrading
your own to 2003.

Nigel Ainscoe

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