Migrating Previous BCM Database to Outlook 2007



I recently upgraded from Outlook 2003 with BCM to Outlook 2007 with BCM. Both
programs appear to have loaded fully. However, the new Outlook 2007 is unable
to migrate the old BCM database from Outlook 2003.

With Outlook 2007 open and running, it identifies that a BCM database has
been located. However upon trying to connect, each attempt to access the BCM
database from Outlook 2007 is met with the same error message, BCM has
incurred a critical error during startup of Outlook. Please restart Outlook
and try again. For reference, the SQL Server for MSSMLBIZ is also started
during these efforts.

The same error and results continue to occur.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



Have you tried backing up the Outlook with BCM 2003 database, then restoring
it in Outlook with BCM 2007? You can accomplish this by doing the following:

In Outlook with BCM 2003
1. Select the menu: Business Contact Manager > Database Tools > Manage
2. Click the 'Backup Database' button to back up the database

In Outlook with BCM 2007
1. Same steps as above, except, click on the 'Restore Database' button and
navigate to the BCM 2003 database.

Monica Tsang [MSFT]

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