How do I share BCM DB with 2003 and 2007 Outlook BCM?



I have about 30 users and we've just purchased 10 new systems which we
ordered with Outlook 2007 and BCM. We want to implement BCM for 7 users.
How can I create a BCM database that both BCM 2003 and BCM 2007 can access?
I don't want to have to spend thousands to upgrade everybody, which is
apparently what Microsoft is forcing us to do. Linux and OpenOffice is
looking better every day. :~(


Scott S Sikora

You cannot have clients connected using both 2003 and 2007, that just won't
work. Also, this isn't just a Microsoft thing - very few companies support
both a current version and a previous version of a client accessing the same
data - the norm is you run either one version or the other.

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