Access utility Add-In



I am trying to use the sendkeys action in access to force access to place a
check in a check box when a macro is run. I am getting the message "The
Sendkeys action requires the Microsoft Office Access Utility Add-In to be
loaded. Rerun Microsoft Office Access or Microsoft Office Setup to reinstall
Microsoft Office Access and the Microsoft Office Access Utility Add-In."
I rerun the Microsoft Office Setup from the installation CD, but it shows
that everything was already installed. There isn't an Access Utility Add-In
listed. What is this error talking about and where do I find it?

Danny J. Lesandrini

I don't know about the error, but you don't need (and shouldn't use)
to accomplish what you require. Why not use something like ...

Me!chkMyCheckbox = True
sSQL = "UPDATE tblMyTable SET [MyYesNoField]=True " & _
"WHERE [MyIDField]=" & Nz(Me!MyIDField,0)
CurrentDB.Execute sSQL

If you want to fix your Addin issue, try reviewing the registered Add Ins
the Add In manager.

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