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Apr 13, 2011
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I need to open the "FIND" box dialogue box (Control-F) but have it open with the following fields set as default :

Match: any part of field

Search: ALL

In Access 97 which I was previously using, this was set using the Sendkeys function in a macro and it worked fine for a long time. I recently upgraded to Access 2007 and the sendkeys function seems to work very erratically if at all, despite adding the database to the trust centre.. The macro has yellow exclamation marks next to the sendkeys action, but I do NOT receive any errors about add-ins.

I am working in a form and the user needs to hit a find button where the id number of a patient can be entered into the find box so that a patient can found in a recordet

Is there some way of making the sendkeys work properly in access 2007 or can some sort of code be written to set the FIND action with these defaults?

Thank you in anticipation of any assistance



Apr 4, 2011
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Hi Damien,

If you have to use a Find box to do the task then please feel free to ignore this post of mine.

Could you perhaps use your own call–up box / form into which the user puts the patient id or name then gets the relevant info. ?

Or, if you have a form with a list of records that relate to patients and want to go to a detailed form for the patient from the record in the list, you could have the user click on the appropriate list item to open the detailed form related to that item in that list.

If patient ID may be written just somewhere in a memo or notes field but where it occurs is not standardised you could again have your own find box to take you to the appropriate record on your form, and from there could click on that record to open a related record form.

Other scenarios also may also be possible.

-- Mike

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