Access 2000 on Windows Vista



I upgraded from Windows XP Professional to Windows Vista Ultimate.

I am getting an error message "The SendKeys action requires the Microsoft
Access Utility Add-in to be loaded. Rerun Microsoft Access or Microsoft
Office Setup to reinstall Microsoft Access and the Microsoft Access Utility

This happens when I push an 'add photo to record' camera icon button to
import pictures into my document.

I have reinstalled Office 2000 but it did not correct the problem.

Any ideas?


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

When you reinstall, make sure that you have "Run All From my Computer"
selected so that everything is installed, not just the defaults. Also, I
don't use SendKeys, so I cannot test any code, but it is possible that Vista
may not allow users with standard permissions to use SendKeys. If after
reinstalling and add ALL the Service Packs, you are still having the
problem, try temporarily disabling UAC and other security methodology, one
at a time, to see if you can get it to work. Reestablish the security for
anything not causing your pronlem.

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