access to terminal services



Similar problem , please help !!!!!
Does it matter which mode (Application / Remote )the
server is setup in the user rights issue?

James Stewart

Hav installed WIndows Server 2003 Evaluation Edition, have enabled local
user login on domain controller and default domain policies. Users can login
from controller's keyboard, but can not via Terminal Services. The error
"You do not have access to login to this session" is given for everybody but

Had no problem with windows 2000 sever

May 31, 2007
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I had the same issue of getting the error message "you do not have access to login to this session"
and spent some time working around this. I have 3 servers on the network and one rns vmware with an additional 2 vm servers.
I made one of the vm servers the TS server and had trouble getting users to login.
Once I read what was on the internet I over came my first problem but there was very little to help with the second message. I finally fixed the problem of getting "you do not have access to login to this session" by doing the following.

Start Button --> Admin Tools --> Local Users and Group --> Groups --> Remote Desktop Users --> added all the users here.

I did not have access to this group from any other local on the server.

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