Access to Sharepoint Issue



I have an Access Database connected to an Active SharePoint list. The purpose
of the database is to create a front end to create and modify list items.

The issue I'm having is with mulitple users in the database. Some either
can't get in or if they can they aren't able to save their changes because
they don't have "exclusive access"

Any ideas on how to correct this issue? I've had other databases with 14+
people working in them with no issues. But they weren't connected to

Albert D. Kallal

Antavas said:
So are you saying that everyone should create a shortcut to the main file?

No, I saying that you want to install this software on each computer like
you do with every other application those users have running. That means you
place a copy of the software on each computer.

I mean, you do this for every other application your purchased...why not the
same for your application?

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