Access is denied



The following folder appears in my root directory C:\a3ae36d379245236b3ec8599
There are two subfolders that when I click on a pop-up says "Access is

What is this for? How was it created?

-- KC

R. McCarty

When certain Windows updates are applied, they are unpacked into a
folder with a name that uses a Globally Unique ID (GUID) string. The
unpacked folder should normally be removed at the conclusion of the
install, but frequently gets "Orphaned". The accessed denied message
means that the ACL ( Access Control List ) doesn't include the group
your account is a member of. For XP Pro you must add your account
to the privileges ( Full ) to remove the folder. In XP Home you cannot
modify the ACL unless you're booted to Safe Mode.


The folder has either been deleted but is still showing, thus the
"Access is Denied", or it is locked until you restart your computer.
You should find that folder gone upon restart.



Thank you for your reply.

I went to Propertiesand tried to change settings. I could not convert the
sub folders to Share. Then I went to the lLocal Security folders. I am the
system administrator, so why can't I access the Share featureon this folder.


Thank you for replying to my post.

The folder remains inmy root directory even after rebooting. Iearched the
Registryfound noting.

I right clicked properties and tried to Share the folder and its subfolders
, could not change the status.

I am logged on as System Administrator.

How do Idelete this obsolete folder?

R. McCarty

Right Click the top level folder ( with the GUID name ), Take or Left
Click Properties, Select the Security (TAB). In the Group or Users
Name click the Add button. Type Everyone then OK, in the lower
segment place a check/tic mark in the Full Control box. Dismiss all
the open option boxes. You should now be able to remove the GUID
named folder.


Hi I Safe Mode, and was able to chang ownership, then
-- remove special permission and finally delete these obsolete files.

Thakyou for your help.


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