Access FE deployment question



I'm new to this forum, and I suspect this has been answered before, but
I can't find the information.

I have an Access DB that I've developed, split FE / BE, and installed
on several customer workstations via downloads from my website. The
initial install also installed the 2003 runtime libraries. (Win XP,
2003 Access Developer Extensions)

My problem is that now I need to update some of the BE tables and
programs in the FE. I've modified the FE to include SQL to make the
appropriate table changes in the BE. When I create a new installation
package and try to install it, I get a message that says something
along the lines of 'Another version of this program has already been
installed, please uninstall it before installing this version." Is
there any way to get the FE updates to just install over the existing
FE? This seems like it should be an easy issue to resolve, but it's
been a real pain thus far.

Thanks much!

Albert D. Kallal

Well, the best solution is to not use the package wizard to deploy
*additional* updates.

In fact, I don't even use it to deploy the *initial* update. Once they have
the runtime installed, then any update is simply windows copy of the mde
(you do distribute a mde..right?) to the users machine. That simple copy can
be accomplish via WinZip. I used WinZip for years. Now I use the free open
source "inno" install, as it has built in zip, and allows you to create
shortcuts etc. on the desktop. So, a update is REAL easy, and there is no
need, nor reason to use the package wizard. (once you have the runtime
instilled, you done...don't bother or user the package wizard).

So, to update my installes, here is a serios of screen shots that shows how
a update works.

For inno installer, you can find it here:

Douglas J. Steele

You shouldn't need a new installation package. Simply replace the existing
FE MDB (or MDE) file.


Thanks for the replies.

Yes, I use the mde file. And yes, I could just copy the FE db over the
top of the existing database, but, keep in mind the following.

1. I don't have remote access to the machine.
2. The users are non-technical.
3. The installation directory (folder) from the initial install wizard
is slightly different for each XP machine, so, how can I setup a zip
file to install the new FE when I don't know the exact path of the
initially installed mde? Using the deployment wizard, I can have it
install to the same 'default' folder.



Thanks for the link to the inno installer. This may help me accomplish
my goals.


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