One FE multiple BE - chose BE on FE load



Is it possible to have one FE (front end) and have it update linked
tables to load different back ends ?

What I want to do is to use the same FE and have one unique BE for
each Company in our accounting firm.

How can I do this ?


You would probably be better off having a TblCompany and linking to all
appropriate tables with CompanyID. Otherwise, you would need to display the
company you are currently working with on the screen at all times to assure
you are not retrieving, inputting or deleting data from the wrong company

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John W. Vinson

Is it possible to have one FE (front end) and have it update linked
tables to load different back ends ?

This is certainly doable, and may well be a decent solution (though I'd
usually agree with Steve's point that data should not be stored in database

You can use the TransferDatabase method to dynamically link to tables. I'd
suggest having two static tables in your frontend, one with the names of all
backend files and the other the table names (which should all be identical in
the different backends, unless you want to make your life more complicated);
you use a startup form with a combo box to select which backend, and then loop
through the Tabledefs collection, delete all the linked tabledefs, and then
loop through a recordset of the tablenames and use TransferDatabase to link to


How many tables do you need to link? Perhaps not many?

You need to maintain a persistant connection while you
link all the tables, or linking will be very slow.

If it is hundreds of tables, you could consider linking all
companies, then just switching the link names.


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