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I have an Access 2000/2002 database that clients use in their offices to keep
information on their Constituents. Currently, they access the database on a
single computer or from a computer connected to a Local Area Network(LAN) in
the same office using a frontend/backend split database setup. I am looking
for the best and simplest way that I can have them access the database from
a High Speed Internet Connection. I will mention here that I have tested
Microsoft SSMA to convert the Access Database Backend to SQL Server 2005
Express on my desktop computer. This conversion to SQL Server went
flawlessly. Are there any such tools to convert the frontend forms, and
reports to say, so they can be accessd from a web site? As I am a
beginner with Web Sites and ASP, please keep your answers so that a novice
can understand. Thanking you in advance for any help. I tried the ASP.Net
forum and found it very, very slow and of little help. I did not see a place
where I could post a new question, so I am starting here where the assistance
has been excellent to superb.

Arvin Meyer MVP

There are no reliable ways to generate an asp or form from an Access
form. The 2 are completely different in nature. If you don't have too many
concurrent users, you can use a terminal server technology like Citrix,
Terminal Server, or WinConnect, without changing the forms at all.


Thanks for the reminder on Terminal Services. This could be the interim
solution. I will re-look at this solution. The problem I had before was that
I called a microsoft reseller and he never got back to me with a price on how
much Terminal Services would cost. I do not have a lot of requirements. A
solution for max. of 5 users would be acceptable for now. For the future I
would liike to have a database that could be accessed by 150 people at the
same time.

Here is a site that advertizes a wizard to convert Access Forms to ASP.Net.
I do not know if it is any good but for $34.95 it should be worth a try.

Thanks for the reply.
Bill D.


terminal services probbaly will not meet your requirements

if I were you, I would get a copy of dreamweaver.. find a friend that
knows how to do it.. and do it in classic ASP


Arvin Meyer MVP

For a 150 concurrent users, I would use a SQL-Server back-end. Although
there have been successful reports of that many users, I would caution
against it. I've used JET with as many as 75 concurrent connections, but
although I didn't have any problems, I believe that was pushing it. Citrix
has successfully connected more than 150 users, but the loads are generally
very light. I've never seen a successful connection of that many heavy
impact users on a terminal server of any kind.

To reiterate, I've never seen any asp application, converted or not, that
could duplicate the functionality of any rich client, yet alone Access
forms, which are, by far way ahead of any competition. Still asp or
is the best way top go for that many WAN users. On a LAN, Access/JET or
Access?SQL-Server reigns supreme. I really have my doubts that any
conversion program would do any more than the simplest of tasks. The problem
with that is it may take more time to figure out what is left to do, than
doing the entire process from scratch.

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