Access 2007 Subform


Steve Blake

I am attempting to build a database which will be used to enter bills of
materials. In my effort, I am building a single table with parent part
number, child part number and quantity. Perhaps this isn't the way to
approch this task but this is what I am trying.

Now, what I would like to do...

A top subform would be used to enter the parent part number and the
bottom would be used to enter the child part number and quantity.

This will all be entered into a single record within that table (bom).
With this concept, the data entry person would not have to add the
parent part number for every record.

Any assistance would be great.


Steve Blake



Tom van Stiphout

You are creating a table with a self-join between PartID and ParentID.
You'll later query for the list of materials, delete everything down
from a certain level, etc, etc.
This is MUCH EASIER with the new support for recursive queries in SQL
Server 2005. I would seriously consider to use that db engine. You
probably know the Express Edition is free, and the Developer edition
is less than $100.


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