Assign a Table field a value from a form



I have a Purchasing Data Input form which contains subforms to input reject
part number data. Since there can be multiple reject part numbers each line
of the subform has fiels for the number of lots/PN rejected and quantity/PN
rejected. I total the part number reject lots and quantities and reflect
these in the main part of the form (and check them against total received
lots and quantities). I want to add these total reject lots and total reject
quantities to the main purchasing table in fields I have identified as
TotalRejectLots and TotalRejectQty. How do I assign the total quantities
inputted to the subforms into the main purchasing table? The reject lots/PN
and reject quantity/PN fields are stored in a Reject Table which is
linked(one to many) to the purchasing table.



Jeff Boyce

Why bother?!

If you already have the raw numbers stored from which you calculate a total,
then use a query to derive (i.e., calculate) that total on-the-fly.

If you store a calculated value like this, you risk your data's integrity --
how do you keep them in synch?

Consider using a query that calculates the values as needed.


Jeff Boyce
Microsoft Office/Access MVP

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