Access 2007 Login and Audit Trail



In the new Access 2007 db format AccDB, is there any advice about setting up
a login routine (merely to give the extra appearance of security to a small
group of relatively computer challenged users in a non-profit group). I would
need to maintain a history of login and out as well...can I just use the
examples for earlier versions of Access (MDB, MDE) ? Also, any advice on an
audit trail for the new Access 2007 format?

Oct 19, 2010
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I bought an application from epigate software that does all that and alot more. i tried for a long time to create an audit trail but could not get it to work with subforms. this works with subforms so it was worth the money to me. it works on my access 2010 32 bit, but it says it will work with 2003 and 2007. it tells me when a person logs in and out of the application and what changes they made. it shows the before and after values, who made changes and when so it is pretty cool. i tried a ton of code i got off the web but as i said before i wasted a ton of time and could not get it to work with subforms.

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