User can only open Access 2007 DB in read only mode


Rachel Crosby

I have an Access 2007 accdb database that I developed on a network drive for
a specific user. The network drive is one she has had permission to use. I
set the location of the database as a Trusted location for her using her
Trust Center configuration within her Access 2007.

I can open the db from my computer in my office (I had mapped the network
location) and can open the db with full functionality. The user, however,
can only open the db as read-only. The db is password with encryption
protected, but the user knows the password.

Is there anything in the new Access 2007 that would prevent her from opening
it with full functionality - make changes to data, build her own queries ,
etc? I suspect it may be something to do with her network login privileges,
but I do not want to confront the network administrator until I have
eliminated all the Access 2007 options. Is it possible that because I did
all the design work so far, the db will not open for her?

Rachel Crosby


Have you used the Database Password function or the full secuity wizard?
If you used the security wizard, the group that you assigned the user to
probably only has read only permissions. Check the group permissions and the
group this user has been assigned to.

Rachel Crosby

Dear Olduke
Thanks for you input, but the problem turned out to be with the user's
network permissions. The network administrator rechecked the user's settings
and found the problem.

But thanks anyway!

FYI, I was only using the Password function - not the full security wizard.

Rachel Crosby


As you get more into Access, you may be tempted to use full security. This
is a time bomb waiting to go off if you don't know what you're doing. Check
for users guides to security by doing a search before you go anywhere near it.

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