Access 2007 Collect and update Data Via Email



Has anyone figured out how to use the feature Collect and Update Data
via Email for sending filtered records? I do not get the option to
update existing data, only add new data when trying this.

I am trying to use the Sales pipeline databae template that you can
get online. It is a good concept yet what I do not want to happen is
for those that I send the email to to be able to see the other
contacts, companies etc that do not pertain to them. I am setting
this up for sales reps in different parts of the states so I only want
them to see their info only.

Danny J. Lesandrini

I played with this and it worked. Do you have Outlook 2007 on the target machine
where the email is being processed? Gotta have Outlook 2007 for it to work.


The problem that I found is there is no way to filter who you wish to send
to. The Collect data funtion sends globally to all.


Actually, I've used this and it has worked perfectly. I think the trick is
going to be setting up your tables and relationships properly. I'm pretty
much a novice with Access (truthfully, I think I just got lucky and had
everything set up right on the first try), but all my vendors got only the
information pertaining to them and only them. It also works with older
versions of Outlook, not just 2007, such as Outlook Express 97. The only
problems I've encountered is with Outlook 2003, but it should work with any
email service that can handle an HTML file.

Hope this helps, or at least was a little comforting. Good luck.


Hi Danny,

When I tested this, I was not given the option to choose (filter) what was
sent out.

- Randy

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