Access 2007 can Add Database to SourceSafe


Michael Loper

I open my database
I click Add Databas to Sourcesafe
It prompts and ask if I want to close the database....I say Yes
It prompts for a VSS Login...I enter my user login
I give it a Project name...It does not exist and asks if I would like to
create it....Yes
Then I am expecting to see a list of database objects to add....I never get
this screen. The system just sits there.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance

Paul Shapiro

It should automatically add all the database objects to the Sourcesafe
project. I'm not sure, but it might require the existing Access project to
compile successfully, so the integration components can run.

What do you see if you look at the project in the SourceSafe Explorer?

Paul Shapiro

It doesn't sound like the SourceSafe integration is working yet. Do you do
anything else with SourceSafe, like Visual Studio, so you can be sure
SourceSafe is setup correctly and your user account has the necessary
permissions? If not, maybe you can try a simple database with one table and
one form.

Whenever I've added an Access mdb or adp to SourceSafe, it creates a
SourceSafe project with the same name as the db and adds all the Access
objects to SourceSafe.

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