Access 2003 - SQL Server 2005 Connectivity



I have an Access front end that connects to a SQL database. I recently
installed SQL Server 2005 on a WIN XP machine and successfully restored the
database etc. I am able to connect to the database if I am on the same
computer as the SQL Server install. However when attempting to access from a
remote computer I have problems. I am using both Windows and Sql Server
login and Allow Remote Connections is checked ( both verified in Server
Management Studio). I have never attempted to install SQL Server on WIN XP
machine as an actual server for clients.

I don’t know if the problem is Sql Server, IIS or WIN XP security.

My client does not wish to purchase a full server which is why the SQL
Server instance is on a Win XP machine.

Any hints, ideas or direction I should look?

Thanks in advance,


In my particular case I didn't have named pipes enabled. It all works just
fine now.

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