access 2003/2007 - problems with unwanted pipe character

Sep 30, 2009
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I created a query in an access 2003 database at work that contained a number of IIf expressions. The query worked as expected. I copied the database and transfered it to my PC at home and when I tried to run the query it gave me an error message about 'invalid pipe character in query expression'. When I looked it had changed the commas in the query expressions to pipe characters. When I change them back to commas I get the 'The expression you entered contains invalid syntax'. So the query won't work on this pc.
I am now trialling access 2007 and I created the query from scratch and got exactly the same problem with the commas.
This is one of the expressions I am trying to enter:
IIf( [products]![pr_vat_rate] =15,"VAT")
It works fine on my pc at work, but won't work at home.

I have now noticed that when I use the expression builder it loads the IIf function template as:
IIf («expr»| «truepart»| «falsepart») . i.e. it is putting pipe characters where the commas should be ??? I have not had this problem before and the comma character seems fine in all other programs.


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