Invalid use of vertical bars error



I have Office Professional 2003, and kept getting an invalid use of vertical
bar when attempting to look at a query in Design view. I am able to open the
query in SQL view, and it is written with commas, but for some reason when
you switch to Design view the commas get changed to pipes. I download 2007
trial in hopes it wold fix the error. It didn't, and I have tried to open a
couple of queries in the Northwind 2007 example database, for instance the
inventory query, and I get the following error Invalid use of vertical bars
in query expression Nz([Quantity Purchased]|0) Any ideas, I have googled for
an answer and have found nothing.

Thanks in advance.



Allen Browne

Open the Windows Control Panel.

Under Regional Options, what character do you have defined as the List
Separator? That character may affect the way your arguments are separated.

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