Aaagghh - Transfer to Sony video Camera



Help!! - I can download a Video no issues, sadly I cannot save the file back
out to the camera (Yes it does support DV In & Out.)

The Wizzrd runs ok with no errors reported, the temporary file is created,
the wizzard reaches 50% and the camera record light kicks in. Sadly the
screen on the camera remains blue and the Video does NOT transfer to the

The PC is running Windows XP Professional with Service pack 2. The Camera is
a Sony DCR-TRV30E

All suggestions VERY welcome!

Graham Hughes

How long and complicated is the movie?
Have you tried a very small section of movie to see if that works?
Also check out windv, which is a free app for capturing and exporting and
will often work when others don't, link here
What app are you using, you don't say, but I assume maybe Movie Maker?
Have you tried making a dv-avi file first from the timeline and then
importing this into a new project adn exporting that out?

Graham Hughes
MVP Digital Media

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