a dvd drive too much ?



I try to create a backup CD of an audio CD but don't succeed in doing so.

In fact, I have a CD reader and a burner but when I look at my windows
explorer I see 3 entries, to my surprise:
a DVD reader D://
a CD-RW E://
a DVD reader F://

And the system info provides the following :

generic DVD-ROM SCSI Cd-ROM device
Liteon DVD-ROM LTD163

I don't understand how I can have 2 DVD readers. Is the F: drive
superfluous ? Can I deinstall the generic DVD-ROM SCSI Cd-ROM ?


Patti MacLeod

Hi Frank,

Do you have Daemon Tools installed? If so, uninstall it and the generic
DVD-ROM SCSI Cd-ROM device should be deinstalled along with it.



That looks like Virtual Drive.
Look in system tray for icon. I think it is Daemon Tools. If it is, you will see
green icon > Right click > Virtual CD/DVD Rom > Set number of devices > Disable


yeh, you can disable and
uninstall all the drivers then
get windows to search for them again.

i would suggest that firstly,
simply physically disconnect the cable
for the drive. Then boot into
windows, preferrably safemode and
uninstall the drivers and reboot again.

Your o.s. should now be free of the device.

Next powerdown, plug your device
back into the motheboard and boot as normal.
Windows will begin its sophisticated routine
of recognizing your device as newly installed
and install the generic drivers or ask your
for the driver cd.... This should get you
back normal again.

As a suggestion, windows adapts the
device for use depending on the
data in the driver. So I would
refrain from installing "extra" software
from a third party as it may be attribute
to the problem you encounterd.

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