56k PCI Data Fax Modem Usage



I recently purchased a new Dell Dimension E521 and i had a 56k pci data fax
modem installed at the factory.
I am not very computer savy and have no idea how to even get the fax reader
All that i can find within the various help screens is "A collection of
settings for sending and receiving faxes using a particular fax modem or fax
server. Before you can send or receive faxes in Windows, you must set up a
fax account." and "For viewing pictures and faxes, the Windows Picture and
Fax Viewer has been replaced by the new Windows Photo Gallery."
After searching the WPG i found nothing relating to faxes or a fax account.
I have vonage (VOIP) with a fax number and a regular phone cord going from
my phone 2 jack in the back of my vonage phone to the input jack on the modem
on the back of my computer.
If anyone can give a newbie some helpful advice it would be greatly


I just read that you can't use data fax modem in Vista with VOIP - anyone
have a fix/patch for this?

From Windows Help - To send and receive faxes using a modem
Before you begin, make sure that you've attached an analog phone line to
your computer. You can't use a digital phone line to send or receive faxes.

If your computer has a built-in fax modem, Windows will automatically detect
it during the setup process. You can connect to one local fax modem only,
although you can connect to multiple fax servers or devices on a network. If
you're not sure whether your computer has a built-in fax modem, check the
hardware information that came with your computer. If you have an external
fax modem, follow the manufacturer's instructions for attaching it to your
computer. Make sure that the modem is turned on before taking these steps.

1. Click the Start button , click All Programs, and then click Windows Fax
and Scan.

2. To use Fax view, at the bottom of the left pane, click Fax.

3. If you're connecting to a fax device for the first time, click New Fax
on the toolbar, and then, in the Fax Setup Wizard, follow the instructions
for connecting to a fax modem.
– or –
If you've already connected to one or more fax servers or devices on a
network and want to connect to a modem, click Tools, click Fax Accounts, and
then click Add. In the Fax Setup Wizard, complete the steps for connecting to
a fax modem.

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