4 speaker for standard WAV playback


Lars-Erik Østerud

I have an SBlive card, under Win98se I could make standard WAV (music
files etc) use ALL 4 speakers for playback (and surround in games).

After I installed XP sound/wav playback only use front speakers
(games still use 4 speaker, but the effect is not as good anymore).

Also I have some volume problems. Playing MIDI sets the MIDI volume to
the Media Player volume (if Midi volume was 50% and Media Player
volume is 100%, then MIDI volume is reset at 100% - way to high).
But the same isn't true for WAV, then the WAV volume is not reset
(the Media player volume is applied on top of the Volume control one).

I have tried both the build in XP drivers, and Creatives newest one.

One more: In Win98 I have 3 MIDI synth options, Microsoft and SBlive
A and B. In XP there is only two, Mircosoft or SBlive ("EMU10K").



Bob I

This is strictly a function of the software and drivers produced by
Creative for their hardware to be used with Windows XP. If Creative
doesn't make it work on XP then it isn't going to work on XP. Please
contact the folks at Creative for a solution. People change hardware
because companies don't provide support for the prefered operating system.

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