2nd drive is recognized but inaccessible



I have just installed XP pro over ME onto a 4GB HDD and had a 40GB HDD
that had data on it. I subsequently made the 4GB drive the master as
the data on the 40GB needed to be saved but was inaccessible. i tried
to get to it using an external enclosure, putting it into another
tower as a slave after finishing the install of the XP on the old box
i put the 40GB drive back into its original setting. it shows the
drive but will not allow me into it to view its contents

when i go into disk management it shows the HDD, it has a letter and
says there is 37.4GB of space left on the drive. whenever i try to go
into the 2nd drive it says
"ths disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"
yes or no

one small problem is that the drive should contain close to 35GB of
data on it.

in the computer, the 4GB HDD is the master and the 40GB is the slave.
what if anything has happened to the data and how can i recover it
with minimal incovenience


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