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Hello All-

We have a Windows 2000 print server (SP3) with 18
printers. Most of them (except the two big ones) are
configured with DLC ports pointing to the MAC address of
an HP JetDirect card that is installed in an HP LaserJet
printer. The LaserJet models are 4, 4m+, 5n, 4000tn,
4050n, 4050tn, 4100n, and 8150n.

Lately we have had several LaserJet 4m+, 5n, 4000tn, and
4050tn users complain of print problems. Specifically, a
print job will emerge from the printer with the bottom
quarter of the page missing - completely blank.

Sometimes the users report receiving an error from their
application (namely Word) that indicates the margins being
outside the printable area of the page. Sometimes not.
The problem occurs with various applications, and is

We're using an "HP 4050 Series PCL 6" driver for the
printer on the server. I am thinking of switching to a
PostScript driver instead as I have heard that they are
less problematic, but if I change the driver for one
printer will it change the driver in use for all of those
printers? For example if I change the driver for the
4050TN, will that same driver be used for all 4050TN
printers on the server?

Any answers or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Alan Morris\(MSFT\)

You can have all 18 printers using different drivers.

Make sure that the Post Script module is installed on the printer before
using the PS driver.

Add the driver to the server (Printers Folder, File, Server Properties,
Drivers, Add), then for each printer that you want to change drivers go to
the Advanced Tab in Printer, Properties. Click apply, then go to Device
Setting and add installed options, apply, then setup document defaults.

HOW TO: Manage Print Servers in Windows 2000
HOW TO: Configure Printer Settings in Windows 2000 Server

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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Hi! This happened to us to. Using PCL drivers made a lot
of strange things happen. Changing to PS drivers made all
the difference.

Changing the driver to a PS driver will not affect the
other 4050TN printers. Upgrading a driver to another
version will.
Often it would help you just to delete the printer and
install it again (sry to say its typical HP). Im not going
to start to tell you about all the problems we have had
with HP LJ 4 and 5n... :)


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