2003 Outlook Outbox will not allow an edit mesage to be sent



I have a Dell installed of Office 2003 Pro on a Dell 8300
just I received today (10/28). I have a problem with
Outlook 2003's outbox not allowing a message to be sent.
I have set up Outlook not to send immediately when
connected. A message is only sent either on a send
scheduled every 10 minutes or when I hit the send/receive
button. This portion works fine.

The problem occurs when I decide to edit a message that
is in the outbox waiting to be sent. As soon as I open up
outbox the last message sent to the send queue goes from
being Italicized (indicating that it is ready to be sent)
to non-Italicized (indication that it will not be sent).
If I edit the last message and click send from Word, the
mail editor, it goes back to the outbox folder but will
remain non-Italicized and will not be sent. I had seen
this problem with a beta version of Office 2003. The only
way I have found to send this message is to create a new
message pasting from the original. The new message can
only be sent if another folder is selected other than the
outbox folder. If the outbox folder is open any new
message will also not be sent.

I have another computer with a purchased upgrade version
of Office 2003 that does not exhibit this problem. I'm
guessing it to be a problem with the Dell installation or
with the version provided to Dell. Fix and repair does
not seem to solve this problem.

Any suggestions to help solve this problem would be





I had the same issue. I resolved it by having an account associated
with the message.

In the New Message window (or when editing a message from Outbox)
click on Accounts in the toolbar. Select the account from which you
wish to send. That should enable the message to be sent.

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