2003 DC and WINS



After promoting 2003 server to DC I have problem with WINS - can't manage
WINS with MMC console.
Otherwise forest/domain was promoted without errors.

Before dcpromo I have installed WINS and DNS services on 2003 Windows
server. TCP/IP properties of the server has WINS and DNS entries pointing to
other (DC,DNS and WINS) server.
I have also configured replication with WINS servers on other windows 2000
server (pull replication).I could see WINS server in MMC console.

After sucessful dcpromo I can't connect to WINS server with mmc console or
netsh tools.
Error message: access is denied.You must be member of administrators or
Wins server is started and no error or warning events are in event log.

I have tried:
1.Searched MS KB articles, but can't find similar problem.
2.uninstall WINS, change TCP/IP of the server to point to itself (for DNS
and WINS), install WINS - same problem
3.nbtstat -RR and nbtstat -n - seems WINS works (some names registered by
server), same problem
4.uninstall DC from the server - can connect to WINS with MMC console !

This is fresh (clean) install of Windows 2003 Server with all updates.

Anybody has idea what is solution ?



Pablo E. Colazurdo

Simple solution: To run the MMC you have to be logged as a user which is
member of enterprise admin group (on your root domain). This should be



Yes, it should be. I am member of enterprise admin, schema admin and domain
admin group.
Meanwhile, I have discovered that 2003 DC do not have default DC security
settings. If I configure (local config) server with default DC security
settings, problem disappear (util DC group policy override local DC
settings). I suppose I should restore ? or set default DC security setting ?

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