2000 versions compatible with Office 2007



We have a few access databases that when opened say they are the "Access
2000 file format". Most of the users are using Office 2003 and maybe 1 or 2
with Office XP. I would like to install Office 2007 on my system. I am the
one that goes in and makes changes to the databases when needed. My question
is after I install Office 2007 will I still be able to do this and everyone
else will still be able to use the databases after I have opened and made
changes to them with Office 2007?



Allen Browne

Yes: they are backwards compatible.

Access 2007 can natively work with mdb files in the 2000 format and in the
2002/3 format, as well as accdb format (new to 2007.) Other users with
Access 2002 or 2003 installed can still use these files (except the new
accdb format), and the 2000 users can still use the 2000 format mdb after
you edit it in 2007.

However, there are some new bugs where 2007 crashes or does not work
correctly, regardless of the file format. It is a good idea for you to learn
2007 now, but I suggest you don't use it with databases that matter until
Microsoft releases SP1 for Office 2007. More details:

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