2 touch screens in DualView mode



Hello all!

We want to use the DualView Mode (Extend Desktop option) on XP. We
connected both displays and it works fine, until we touch the touch
The problem begins when touching the touch screen on secondary
display. The touch is handled as happend on primary one.
My boss thinks we need some kind of filter to mouse driver that will
catch touches and decide whether it happens on primary or secondary
touch screen. The problem is that both touch screens are identical and
send identical data. The only difference between them is that each one
is connected to the its own root hub. I tried to find the way to get
the data about the root hub, but it seems impossible.
Any ideas??
Do anyone come across such a problem ?

Will kindly appretiate any help.

Sean Liming \(eMVP\)


The touch screens need to match the mouse coordinates. The touch screen
drivers need to be set so that they know the coordinates of each screen,
othewise you have two touch screens virtually overlayed on each other.


Sean Liming
Author: Windows NT Embedded Step-By-Step and XP Embedded Advanced.

Sean Liming \(eMVP\)


Yes, I think you going to have to modify the driver to support the extended


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