2 different game controllers?




Using XP, I'm trying to use a joystick and a racing wheel for different
games. Both can only connect to the port on my Creative Labs sound card.
The joystick has been installed and working fine for some time, but I can't
get the racing steering wheel to work.

Whenever I connect the joystick to the port, it works fine, even with the
racing games. When I connect the racing wheel, XP will recognize the device,
but it says the device is not enabled and it is not recognized by any of my
racing games.

Do I need to create seperate hardware profiles for each controller? If so,
how do I do that? I've tried having XP detect the hardware with the wheel
connected, but it still says the device is not enabled.





Joshua Smith [MSFT]

Are you using the Gaming Options applet in the Control Panel to remove and
add the devices when you switch them? If not the problem is that gameport
devices are true PnP devices so the second device is trying to use the first
devices driver, which isn't likely going to work unless they are both
Sidewinder devices.

Joshua Smith
OpenGL Test Lab (formerly DirectInput lab)

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