16 bit ms-dos subsystem error



when trying to run command, from run prompt, i get
c:\progra~1\\symantec\s32evnt1.dll an installable virtual device driver
failed dll initialization. chose close to end, then gives ignore as another
option. runs fine if i ignore it but i would rather have it not do that. does
that on any dos based program i try to run. i am missing that directory its
speaking of, symantec under program files. do i need to have that ?? any help
is greatly appreciated.



I suggest that you reinstall what ever Symantec program you had installed
and then go to Control Panel, Add/remove programs and uninstall the program
rather than deleting the folder. This should remove any references to it's
files from the registry.



i would but i didnt really install anything i can remember that would use
that directory, i dont really remember it being there much, but i had seen
the name before, it could have been the anti virus trial i was using, but i
removed that thru the remove programs menu, is there any other way to pull it
out of the registry?

thanks again

Wesley Vogel

This should tell you what a POS anything Norton\Symantec is.

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User



There are many "tweakers" that allow you to prevent the creation of the
so-called "8.3" file names in NTFS, supposedly in order to speed disk
access. The effect of this is minimal, at best, and will prevent any
application that uses the 8.3 names from running, including many
Symantec installers. If you have used such a tweak, reverse it.

You might also try running this small program that will replace your
basic 16-bit files in case they have been damaged:

You can use the automated '16-bit Subsystem Fix'
(http://users.adelphia.net/~abraxas/dl/16bitSubsystemXP.exe) or
'XPProfiles' (http://tinyurl.com/9adnh)
or download the files from 'here'
(http://windowsxp.mvps.org/utils/Dosfiles.zip) and put them in your
Windows\System32 directory manually.

Jared Foster

Yeah...that's why I haven't had anything from them on my computer for years

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