1 client get licence error - all others ok




- A user attempted a connection from a WIN2k client (machine1) to a 2000
terminal server using the terminal server client and got a black screen.

- Another user can connect ok from 2000 client and another ok from XP

- From "machine1" it tried the max MTU text i.e ping -f -f 1500
to find the max MTU unit. It was the same on all machines when pinging the
2000 tserver.

- I then install remote desktop on "machine1" and attempted a connection to
2000 tserver and a 2003 tserver

2000 gave me the following msg:
"the remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the
licensing protocol. Please try contacting the remote computer again of
contact your server administrator."

2003 give the following msg:
"the remote session was disconnected because there are no terminal server
client access licences for the computer. Please contact your server

NOTE: all other XP and 2000 machines connect to the 2000 and 2003 terminal
server using terminal server client and remote desktop with no problem.

NOTE: dont even get a chance to login as admin.

NOTE: tested with 3x 2000 tservers and 1x 2003 tserver.

Is there something i can do to "machine1" to sort this problem ?

Thanks for your time and any information.

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