XP connection timeout to 1TS but ok to other TS




I have a user attempting to connect to a terminal server on
over a PPTP connection. This terminal server connection keeps timing out
before it can connect. VPN connection is stable.

Network is setup like this:

User @ site 2
2000 and XP pro
MS VPN connection tool
VPN Host
|_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
| | |
Terminal server Terminal Server XP Pro
(App mode) (Admin mode)

- XP pro on Lan can connect to both terminal servers.
- XP pro @ site 2 can connect to (but gets black screen - but i
know how to sort this by changing MTU)
- XP pro @ site 2 gets timeout when connecting to
- On i reinstall the terminal server CALS after phoning MS.
- On XP Pro @ site 2 I delete the MS Licensing key from the registry.
- XP Pro @ site can ping

- When running this from XP Pro @ site 2 cmd prompt "mstsc
/v:" I got this licence message:
""The remote computer disconnected the session because of an error in the
licensing protocol. Please try connecting to the remote computer again or
contact your server administrator".
(although this was the message i got before installing the CALS again, not
had chance to try again yet).

NOTE: not had chance to try form site 2 2000 pro machine yet ether. But as
XP is ok to its probably ok.
NOTE: is in admin mode whereas in application

It seems to be a problem with the terminal server and only this XP client.

Can anyone help ?

Thanks for your time.

XP client timeout connection to 1TS but ok to other TS

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