Windows 11 launch event

Windows 11 launch event

Microsoft is set to hold an event titled "What's next for Windows" - scheduled for 11am ET (3PM GMT) on 24th June 2021. The image released to announce this event also has some clues...

Check out the shadow of those windows... notice that the image isn't quite what you'd expect that shape to show. There're in the shape of an "11". There are a lot of clues to suggest we're about to see Windows 11 announced.

Windows 10 now has a support retirement date for Home and Pro editions, which is listed as Oct 14th 2025. So there is definitely going to be something new on the horizon!:

We're expecting to see an overhauled GUI, previously codenamed "Sun Valley", which may people expected to be released as a major Windows 10 update until recently.

If Microsoft are going for a whole new OS number change, there must be some fairly significant changes inbound. What are you hoping to see?
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