Windows 11 Download

Windows 11 Download

Microsoft Windows 11 was released today, a few hours earlier than expected. You can visit the Microsoft website (here) and download the installation assistant to upgrade an existing Windows 10 PC, or if you'd prefer to perform a clean install, a media creation tool and ISO download are available.

Windows 11 features a significant UI update, widely considered an improvement (unlike the Windows 8 release). Security is a big focus, but this also means that some older hardware can't run Windows 11 natively (you may need to skip on some security features to manually install it). Most PCs made in the last few years can run it without compromises.

Here's an example of what the new settings panel looks like:


If you're an existing Windows 10 user with a compatible PC, you'll be prompted in the coming months to see if you wish to upgrade to Windows 11.
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