Val Jay

I sent an .exe file attachment (stationery) to my elderly uncle but it told
him that he didn't have winzip. Last week I went out with him and bought a
new, but cheap, computer. It was a London Drugs, Certified Data with XP.
It was only $500 (no monitor) but for what he is using it for, it seems to
be fine. It did come bare bones though, except for the XP.

I told him to try putting in "regsvr32 %windir%\system32\zipfldr.dll" in
"start", "run" and it came back with "load library
c:\windows\system\32\zipfldr.dll specified module could not be found"

I have XP and I didn't download Winzip at all. It just did it on its own.
XP comes that way I believe (according to my books). It puzzles me though
that when I open or save the .exe stationery files winzip-extractor does
come up.

I checked on my system and I see that zipfldr.dll lives in c:\I386. I am not
sure what that means. I guess what I am asking is would I be able to copy my
zipfldr.dll to my uncles folder, if it isn't on his system. He is quite a
ways away from me (have to take a ferry etc) so I am trying to collect all
the help I can get before I go there. Is it the only file that I am
concerned with or are other files that go with it.

I don't want to have to download Winzip for him if I don't have to. He does
very well but gets confused easily. It would be nice for him if it was like
my XP.

Boy what a garbled mess. I hope someone can make sense of this. Thanks.

Rick \Nutcase\ Rogers


He needs to expand his own copy of zipfldr.dll from the I386 folder on the
hard driver to the system32 folder. This is not Winzip, but rather a native
zip utility. The I386b folder is a cache of the original system files. Tell
him to start/run msconfig, click on "expand file" (general tab)

File to expand: zipfldr.dll
From: C:\I386
To: C:\Windows\system32

The C:\I386 may instead be C:\Windows\I386, depends on the installation. If
so, change the "from" line accordingly. This assumes a default installation
to C:\Windows. If your installation is in a different folder, such as
C:\Winnt, change the "To" path accordingly. Reboot when finished, then rerun
the regsvr32 registering command.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Associate Expert - WindowsXP Expert Zone

Windows help -

Val Jay

Thanks Rick,

I like that answer much better. I was just sitting and staring at the other
one. Mind you, I can still screw it up but it makes more sense. Thanks.



XP does not come with WinZip. For native zip:

Go to Start/Run and type in: regsvr32 zipfldr.dll


Restore Zip Folders to Default in XP (Line 139)

Added info:

HOW TO: Use Compressed (Zipped) Folders in Windows XP;en-us;Q306531

Hotfix 329048 Causes a Zipped File Not to Be Shown If the Name Contains a

Zip Files Downloaded with Internet Explorer Are Not Saved to Your Computer;en-us;308090&Product=winxp

All the Best,
Kelly (MS-MVP)

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