"You do not have sufficient access to your machine to connect the selected printer" error



Hi there,

We are having a problem when Windows 2000 clients connect to a Windows
2000 Server print queue. When a regular user tries to connect to a
print queue in Site B, they get the error "You do not have sufficient
access to your machine to connect the selected printer."

Here are some details about the infrastructure:

- the user's workstations are locked down
- the workstations that exhibit the problem are at a different
physical site/subnet (Site A) than the print server
- users in the same site (Site B) as the print server can connect
without issue

When logged in as a workstation administrator, the error received when
trying to connect to the queue is "The server on which the 'HP
LaserJet 5200 PCL 6' printer resides does not have the correct printer
driver installed. If you want to install the driver on your local
computer, click OK." At this point, the driver must be installed
manually from a download from HP.

We also created a test queue on a workstation (Site A), using the same
driver. All workstations within that site could connect to it, as
could users from Site B.

I ran FileMon on a Site A workstation while trying to connect to the
queue in Site B (as workstation administrator) and discovered that the
file copy was being disconnected on one of the files and it produces
the above errors right after.

Also, laptops that are not "homed" to Site A fail to connect to the
queue when brought to the site, whereas they work without issue in
Site B.

One more thing that I can think of: When trying to view the
properties of one of the driver DLLs (in \\SERVER\Print$\w32x86\3)
that was disconnecting in FileMon, I would receive access denied
errors, or the details of the DLL would not appear, or appear blank.
This does not happen with any of the other driver related files.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the solution or further
troubleshooting? Our administrative access to many things is limited
due to the global infrastructure of the network. We are primarily
documenting the things that we notice and will pass the information
onto the people that can really fix it.


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