XPE wireless problem



I have a network with 10 Cisco AP1200 access points, and 10 XPe clients
(Cisco Aironet 350).
Clients are vehicle mounted and are roaming across the network. Clients
are supplied an ip via DHCP. Network is encrypted with WPA-PSK TKIP.

Now I have discovered that the clients looses IP after ca 40 mins
unable to regain network access or see SSID.
All XPe klients have heavy cpu load on explorer.exe. Regular XP Pro SP2
machines also looses ip with no cpu load.
If I shutdown the XPe klients I can regain ip on my XP Pro machines.
Restarted XPe klient can also regain ip until next crash. Seems like
the AP get bombarded by packages? If I check my AP all channels are
100% loaded.

Do anyone recognize this problem? Or know where I can start look for
troubleshooting? Is this a XPE problem or should I look for network
I have updated the cisco firmware+drivers on ap and klients. I also
have the latest security fix for XPe SP2.

The XPe image works fine on my network at the office using AP1200
accesspoint, but with no roaming available.

Any help appreciated!




Bruce Backus

Do you have the latest firmware for the Aironet 350 cards? Don't have one in
front of me right now to check, but 5.60.07 is not the latest.. Last release
was fixing a problem much like you describe.

Bruce Backus

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